How to Make NATO Relevant Again

por GEES, 24 de mayo de 2017


Burden-sharing has been a constant source of friction within the Atlantic Alliance given the obvious disparities in the contribution to the collective defense by its members. President Trump is right in demanding that European allies must increase their defense expenditures and do more for the common good. But bearing in mind the numerous stratagems used in the past by America’s allies not to fulfill their obligations, President Trump should express his demands in specific terms. Furthermore, the goal of spending 2% of GDP in defense should be qualified in terms of outputs and real capabilities.

Also, the strategic environment has changed dramatically during the last two decades. If NATO wants to be relevant to the West security needs, it must adapt and change as well. Find a fair and just burden-sharing is an appropriate starting point, but NATO must rethink its core missions and the way to achieve its strategic goals. Only with a new vision, new procedures, structures and budgets, America and the West will have the NATO that is needed. 

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