Make Europe Great Again So That The World Can Have Something To Look Up To

por GEES, 24 de julio de 2017

A novel look on immigration. A voyage from desperation to the Western values

1. Immigration is taking place in overwhelming numbers to the West, particularly from Islamic countries ravaged by war and poverty. Most of the immigrants try to enter Europe irregularly. The measures taken so far by the European Union seem to promote this irregular trend by throwing money at the problem and thereby feeding the corruption in the countries of origin, specially the trafficking mafias. At the same time, the treaty of Schengen (free movement of people inside the borders of the EU) is a zombie treaty and no country seems to abide by it when flows of immigrants increase. In the latest episode, Austria will prevent the entry of refugees who came to Europe via Italy by deploying the Army to close their border. The situation is desperate and the European authorities are appaling in their inability to tackle the issue.

2. There is an underlying positive side in the middle of this disaster. People are looking up to Europe from a powerless and dangerous world because of its inherited values, represented by the rule of law and capitalism. These are incomparably better than the darwinian rule of the stronger which is the prevailing situation in their countries. Europe suffers a hardly avoidable decline but still stands, despite its flaws and thanks to the efforts and lives of our ancestors, at the cultural, legal, economic and, above all, civilizational top of the world. Imagine the plight of the rest.

3. The last time there was such a massive movement of people from one place to another was in the very last summer of Communism in Europe when, suddenly, months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, scores of migrants who were legally prevented to leave their countries, crossed to the rich capitalistic West were rules existed, leaving the tyrannical and poor East. It changed the face of the world. The circumstances are different today but the trend is so relentless and excessive that it portends a systemic geopolitical shift. It is key not to miss it and orient it for the better.

4. Two things are certain. (1) Yes, the West still retains something other desperately lack and wish to obtain, and this is good. And (2) there is a clear and present danger that those immigrants bringing with them their religion, their customs and their desperation could change the face of Europe for the worst. This is the thesis called the Great Replacement, after a book by a French thinker called Renaud Camus. It is not some sort of crazy rant as the establishment would want us to believe but something that has already happened with the waves of migrants and their children that came to France after the decolonization of Algeria in many ghetto areas surrounding big cities. It is also the very meaning of the expression Londonistan, where communities of Islamics apply their own rules rather than those applicable to the community as a whole. This must stop, quickly, and obviously cannot be replicated as a model for the new entrants. Multiculturalism is a death sentence both, for the host population and for the incoming ones who are precisely fleeing from those deletereous customs.

5. The establishment thinks differently. They consider they can somehow control the trends and still sustain the Western values, so that the newcomers may benefit as much as the established populations from capitalism and the rule of law. This position does not believe in the chances of the lost countries for the future and considers that the world’s poor can come and be integrated in the Western values right away. This is either pathetic or some sort of collaborationist movement allied with the more radicals among the promoters of those trends (ISIS, Al-Qaeda,…), those that intend to mount an invasion of the West.

6. In truth, provided the present trend, what the establishment seems to assert is that nothing serious can be done. There can be some prevention of immigration by paying border states to stop immigrants en route to Europe, and that is being done. There can be a reduction of the flow, not a suppression. There can be a feigned integration of former waves of immigrants and new ones but we should not try to integrate them really. There is, yes, a terrible and tyrannical ideology pushing the migrants, comparable to yesteryear’s communism, we know it under the name of radical islam, but hey, what can we do about it ? This train of thought is nothing short of suicidal, in the short term.

7. Milton Friedman used to say that immigration was not a problem. If you had a Welfare State then you had to either prevent immigration or exclude the immigrants from it. If you did not have such a thing they could enter freely, provided the receiving populations were ready to accept to work for lesser and lesser wages. This is a hypertheoretical view that leaves the problem of what people in the receiving populations can actually really do to adapt to extraordinary circumstances. However it sheds an interesting light of what should indeed be done. Make categories : apply the Welfare State to host populations and for that take measures to increase the GDP growth and treat newcomers as new entrants to the various insurance schemes. Above all, never make outlays to the newcomers, provide them only with rights, individually, and, if need be, tax deductions on previously earned income. Don’t ever, ever, ever give money to them just for the sake of integration. More importantly, require standards of knowledge of the language and of respect to Western values and enforce them, decisevely.

8. Some very specific measures must be thought of and applied to ride the wave of discontent that is bound to increase in the receiving populations and to treat humanely the immigrants, overwhelmingly of an irregular nature, and the countries they come for. To do that we will keep constantly in mind that the idea to throw away money at the problem by corrupting the countries of origin, the border states and the mafia trafficking business will inevitably in a very short time burst into an incontrollable problem for the Western European countries.

 9. This will be a realistic approach to a massive problem. Humanitarian concerns will take an important place in it, but a truly ethical approach to the problem will only come from a realistic assumption of the dramatic situation we find ourseleves in.

10. But whatever the practical measures, know this :

- If you want to stop illegal immigration, it’s very easy, stop it.
- If you want to favor the integration of legal immigrants, it’s equally easy, do it.
- If you want to control the trends ; by all means, do, it’s part of the Sovereignty.

European populations are not faithful Christians nowadays - and that’s a related but different problem - but the culture is. People like to feel they are treating the refugees and other migrants properly. The establishment provides them with that feeling. We must provide them with the real thing. A humane, sober and thoughtful approach, albeit a realistic one. Let’s also keep in mind the promotion of the rule of law in the countries of origin of the migrants, so that they can think of return as an option. If Europe and the West lead by example - as the spread of the use of technologies, social networks, fashions and sports show – if those countries have something o look up to that they can adapt. Let’s put our house, really, in order. This will show others they can do it too