Statement by Institute leaders after the Holocaust-denial conference in Tehran

On 11-12 December, the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) organised a conference in Tehran entitled “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision”.
An array of Holocaust-deniers was assembled on that occasion, with the participation of the highest political authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. IPIS was the convener of the meeting, playing both a logistical and substantive role, calling for papers from Holocaust-deniers. The Director-General of IPIS, Rasoul Mousawi, gave an opening speech.
IPIS has served in the past as a mainstream Iranian interface with foreign think-tanks and research institutes specialising in international and security affaires. Through its complicity with the deniers of the absolute Evil that was the Holocaust, IPIS has now forfeited its status as an interlocuteur valable, as an acceptable partner.
Under these conditions the undersigned, as leaders of international and security affairs institutes, have undertaken the following:
  • to suspend all ongoing programmes conducted with IPIS such as joint meetings and seminars, and exchange programmes of scholars and publications.
  • To refuse participation in all meetings and seminars organised by IPIS.
  • To decline all IPIS sponsored travel to Iran.
  • To refuse to invite IPIS staff to our meetings and seminars.

We maintain the principle of dialogue with Iran. But we will not be in a position to reconsider our decisions regarding IPIS until there has been a change of course marked by an explicit repudiation of Holocaust denial and a return to academic standards.

14 December 2006
UPDATED LIST OF SIGNATORIES   (Tuesday, January 09th, 2007)
Chairpersons and directors of institutes
    Ross Babbage, Director, Strategy International, Australia
    Alyson Bailes, Director, SIPRI, Stockholm
    Rafael Bardaji, Director-international policy, FAES, Spain
    Dennis Blair, President, IDA, Virginia
    Pascal Boniface, Director, IRIS, Paris
    John Chipman, Director-general, IISS, London
    Marta Dassù, Director, Aspen Italia, Rome
    Thérèse Delpech, Director, Strategic Affairs, CEA, France
    Gareth Evans, President, International Crisis Group, Brussels
    Lawrence Freedman, King’s College, London
    Jeff Gedmin, Director, Aspen Institute Berlin
    Dominique Giuliani, Chairman, Robert Schuman Foundation, Paris
    François Godement, Director, AsiaCentre, Paris
    Nicole Gnesotto, Director European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris
    Douglas Goold, President and CEO, Canadian Institute of International Affairs.
    Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform, London
    Jeremy Greenstock, Director, Ditchley Foundation, UK
    Daniel Gros, Director, CEPS, Brussels
    Istvan Gyarmaty, Director, Centre for Democratic Transition, Budapest
    Allan Gyngell, Director, Lowy Institute, Sydney
    John Hamre, Chairman, CSIS, Washington DC
    François Heisbourg, Chairman, IISS, London, President, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
    Nanna Hvidt, Director, Danish Institue for International Affairs
    Christophe Jaffrelot, Director, CERI, Paris
    Josef Janning, Deputy Director, Center for Applied Policy Research, Munich University
    Fred Kempe, President and CEO, Atlantic Council, Washington DC
    Craig Kennedy, President, German Marshall Fund, Washington DC
    Ivan Krastev, Director, CLS, Sofia
    Roman Kuzniar, Director, Polish Institute for International Studies
    Pierre Lévy, Director, CAP, Paris
    Sonja Licht, Director, BFPE, Belgrade
    Sverre Lodgaard, Director, Norvegian Institute for International Affairs.
    Ognyan Minchev, Director, Institute for Regional and International Studies, Sofia
    Thierry de Montbrial, Director, IFRI, Paris
    Robert O’Neill, Director, US Studies Center, Sydney
    Guillaume Parmentier, Director, CFE, Paris
    Carlos Pascual, Director, Foreign Policy Studies Brookings, Washington DC
    Volker Perthes, Director, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin
    Florentino Portero, Director, GEES, Spain
    Bruno Racine, Chairman, FRS, Paris
    Tomas Ries, Director, Swedish Institute for International Affairs
    Guillaume Schlumberger, Director, FRS, Paris
    Adam Daniel Rotfeld, Director, Polish Institute for International Affairs
    Eberhard Sandschneider, Director, Forschungsinstitut, DGAP, Berlin
    Rudolf Scholten, President, Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue, Vienna
    Jiri Schneider, Prague Security Studies Institute
    Stefano Sivestri, President, IAI, Rome
    Gordon Smith, Centre for International Studies, Victoria, Canada
    Eugeniusz Smolar, Director, Centre for International Relations,Warsaw
    Fred Tanner, Director, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
    Seyfi Tashan, Director, Foreign Policy Institute, Turkey
    Loukas Tsoukalis, President, ELIAMEP, Athens
    Tapani Vaahtoranta, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
    Alvaro Vasconcelos, Director, IEEI, Lisbon
    Rob de Wijk, Director, Clingendael Security and Security Programme, The Hague

Individual Endorsements (initial list)

    Ron Asmus
    Gertrud Auer Borea d’Olmo
    Jacob Bercovitch
    Christoph Bertram
    Joachim Bitterlich
    Bernard Bobé
    Paul Cornish
    Ivo Daalder
    Olivier Debouzy
    Michael Emerson
    Jozef Goldblat
    Rita Hauser
    Karl Kaiser
    Catherine Kelleher
    Zaki Laïdi
    Marin Lessenski
    Roberto Menotti
    Klaus Naumann
    Thomas Pickering
    François Rachline
    Vasantha Raghavan
    Bob Rae
    Berel Rodal
    Enrico Sassoon
    Simon Serfaty
    Lilia Shevtsova
    Bruno Tertrais
    Strobe Talbott