Autor: Daniel C. Twining

The New Great Game

Three recent events illuminate the contours and fault lines of Asia's emerging strategic landscape, amid the lengthening shadows cast by China's growing power.

por Daniel C. Twining, 29 de diciembre de 2006

America is pursuing a grand design in Asia

Recognising this, the Bush administration - anticipating a future Chinese challenge to American primacy - is pursuing a grand design in Asia as ambitious as its campaign to transform the Middle East, and as bold in its use of military power and democratic values as strategic assets.

por Daniel C. Twining, 28 de septiembre de 2006

Russia's Shadow Empire

Since 2003, democratic revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia have dealt strategic blows to the ambition of Russia's leaders to reconstitute the former Soviet empire by retaining political and military suzerainty over their weaker neighbors. But Russia's imperial pretensions along its periphery linger.

por Daniel C. Twining, 16 de marzo de 2006

Putin's Power Politics

Russia relies on oil and gas revenues for nearly half its government budget. It is transforming this typical indicator of economic backwardness into a hidden strength, making it the vehicle for its aspiration to reemerge as a global leader.

por Daniel C. Twining, 25 de enero de 2006

Reacciones al asesinato del ex-Primer Ministro libanés

El reciente asesinato del ex-Primer Ministro libanés Rafiq Al-Hariri inspiró diversas reacciones en el mundo árabe.

por Daniel C. Twining, 11 de marzo de 2005

'Never Again' Again. What is the United Nations going to do about the genocide in Darfur?

The U.N. Security Council has proven institutionally incapable of acting in any meaningful way to stop Khartoum's brutal campaign in Darfur.

por Daniel C. Twining, 28 de febrero de 2005

El partido de Europa. Los Demócratas son difíciles de distinguir de los europeos

En materia de relaciones transatlánticas, los norteamericanos vienen de Marte y los europeos de Venus.

por Daniel C. Twining, 22 de septiembre de 2004

Who Lost Osama?

This is the story, from Richard Clarke's perspective, of how al Qaeda developed and attacked the United States on September 11.

por Daniel C. Twining, 12 de abril de 2004